Parks starting to open

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Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 10:50am

Spring is here and the weather is finally shifting gears. The month of April is used for opening restrooms, fields and playgrounds.

Here is an update:

• Tennis nets are being worked on and more will open by this weekend. This involves safety and court maintenance. Open now: Perinton Park tennis (6 courts). Court lights come on toward beginning of May when night guard staff is active.

• Restrooms: This is a 2-3 week process that should start next week. Park staff returns April 15 to help support these park amenities. Our goal is May 1.

• Shelters start May 1 for reservations.

• All outdoor playgrounds are safe and were inspected this month. We will open the Community Center playground after a closer inspection. Currently the safety protection needs major cleaning.

• Fields are being worked on with a big push next week. They will open when field maintenance is completed and safe for spring play. Please note: the soil is extremely soft and spongy this time of the year, which is a safety concern. Luckily, we are dealing with a somewhat dry spring. Fields should open quickly.