Assessment FAQs

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Does Assessment have owner’s phone numbers?

Assessment does NOT have property owner phone numbers.

Where do I get a copy of a deed?

The Assessment office has copies of most deeds and can provide a free copy to the property owner. Deeds and Mortgages can also be searched online at the Monroe County Clerk’s Website for Online Services at

Where do I get a copy of a survey map?

Survey maps showing the boundaries of properties and the outlines/dimensions of structures on the site are often provided when finalizing the transfer of a property. Consult with the closing attorney or the lender involved to obtain a copy. Or, if known, contact the surveyor.

How do I change the owner’s name or mailing address?

The owner’s name is taken directly from the most recent deed used to transfer the property ownership. The Monroe County Clerk records the deeds first, resulting in an up to 6 week delay before Assessment can update ownership records. A correction deed, through a legal advisor,  is the way to change any misspellings or incorrect ownership.

To change the owner’s mailing address, contact the Assessment office during office hours.

Do I need to prove residency for property exemptions and if so, what types of information are acceptable?

A driver’s license showing your address is the best proof. Other items may be voter registration and utility/cable bill showing the service address and the mailing address.