General FAQs

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  1. How did the town come up with my new assessment?


Mass appraisal computer formulas/algorithm was completed using sales between 2017 and 2020, a curbside inspection by a NYS Certified appraiser and a final review by a Certified staff appraiser.


  1. Which sales were used for my assessment?


            Approx. 1,750 valid, arms-length (not foreclosure, not between family relatives, etc) were used dated from July 1, 2017 through January 31, 2020.


  1. Why did it go up so much when the last one was in 2018?

Past general trending of assessments can lead to inaccuracies. The current revaluation reviews each property at least twice by an appraiser. The real estate market in the entire Monroe County region has been very robust over the past couple of years. Market values have surpassed the current assessments creating inequities in the current assessments that must be addressed. Additional reasons for increases include permits, new construction, land     re-subdivisions and sales.


  1. How much will my taxes go up?


              This is not known at this time. Town, County, Village and School budgets are not finalized and the taxable value of the town is also yet to be finalized. Your taxes are not guaranteed to go up because your assessment increased. Whether an increased assessment means a higher tax bill depends on the tax rate and the School, County, Town and Village budgets. Should the tax rate be reduced property owners whose assessment increases were below the average will likely see their tax bill decrease.



  1. What types of information do I need to bring?


Recent sales from your neighborhood or a similar neighborhood that is similar to your house in style (i.e. ranch, colonial, townhouse, etc.), age, square footage, etc.

A recent appraisal report or real estate broker’s opinion/analysis can be helpful.

Any photos showing important aspects of your property such as any major repairs, proximity to any negative features, etc.


  1. Did everyone go up the same amount? How much did the town go up?


Each property changed differently from its neighbors and other properties in town. This is because each property was reviewed in detail. The village increased on average 13% and the town increased on average 10% over the past 2 years.


  1.  Can I see the formula used to calculate my assessment?

There is no simple formula. Values are the result of the mass appraisal program and subsequent appraiser reviews.




  1.  What are the steps if I am unhappy with my informal review?


The steps for an informal review are outlined in the enclosure that came with your change notice as well as on the town’s website.

You may either schedule an informal review appointment bringing information pertaining to your home OR requesting an informal review without an appointment by mailing in/emailing/dropping off information pertaining to your home. Either way your assessment will be reviewed and the result will be mailed to you on or about May 1st.


  1.  When is Grievance Day and how do I file?

It is always the FOURTH TUESDAY in MAY. This year it’s Tuesday, May 26th. Applications for the formal Board of Assessment Review will be available after May 1st.