Town Updates

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Perinton Supervisor

Michael G. Barker


As we re-emerge from our homes, enjoy this long-overdue spring sunshine and start to clean away left over fall and winter yard debris, most of the leaves and brush will end up at the curb. We'll be stopping by during April and May to take them away.  Please keep a few rules in mind to assist you and us in this effort. Large piles of leaves will be picked up in bulk. Please pick sticks out of the leaf piles as they damage our vacuum machines. We ask that small piles of leaves and twigs be placed in reusable waterproof containers that we can empty into our trucks. (Materials placed in cardboard boxes or plastic or paper bags will not be collected.) For safety reasons, please keep piles back from the road.

Wood chips, which are produced from our weekly pickup and recycled for your use, will once again be available in three locations: Route 31 Park & Ride lot (off Courtney Drive), Perinton Park, and the Park & Ride lot on Route 96 just south of Bushnell's Basin. They are available from April 21st through June 3rd. This service is for our residents only, and not for commercial/contractor use. If you see commercial contractors taking wood chips, please give us a call with a license plate number or a company name so we can contact them.

As we clean our yards, we often make the unpleasant discovery that the neighborhood dog has left a few "calling cards" behind. Besides the aesthetic issue, there is also a public health concern here. Dog owners, please remember to carry a plastic bag to pick up Fido's pile and take it back home with you. This is an even more important issue in our parks. Our parks exist for the enjoyment of children and adults, not for an animal bathroom. Serious health issues can arise from fecal matter in play areas. We also have a leash law for dogs in most of the Town parks for safety reasons that we request you obey. Please be considerate of others. Thanks!

Rabies remains a threat to our domestic animals and our families. Perinton continues to offer 24-hour Animal Control Service that can be accessed by calling 223-5115 from 7:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. and 425-7380 after-hours and on weekends. We have held very successful free rabies immunization clinics for dogs, cats and ferrets for the past twenty-four years.   Another is planned for Saturday, June 9, 2018, from 9 A.M. until Noon at our Highway Garage at 100 Cobb's Lane. Any questions regarding the clinic can be directed to our Animal Control Officer at 223-5115.  Please note that dog licensing is the law in NYS and in order to get a license, the dog’s rabies vaccination must be up to date. 

Our Town will be conducting a Household Hazardous Waste Day collection at the Perinton Highway Garage, 100 Cobb’s Lane, on Saturday, May 12, 2018, from 7:45 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.  Appointments are required for the HHW day.  We will also be collecting old computers and electronic equipment, and no appointment will be required to drop off those items.  Personal (residential only) document shredding will  be offered free of charge.  To make an appointment for the HHW day, please call 223-5115.  You may also go online at to schedule your appointment.  To check on which materials will be accepted please go to and in the Search Engine box put in the letters HHW.  You may also call the phone number listed above to ask questions about the Household Hazardous Waste Day. 




Sincerely, Michael Barker


Mike Barker

Supervisor, Town of Perinton