Town of Perinton Action Results In Revised Landfill Work Plan

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Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 5:19pm

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Perinton Supervisor, Mike Barker 585-223-0770

Town of Perinton Action Results In Revised Landfill Work Plan

As a result of critical comments from the Town of Perinton, Waste Management has submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) a revised work plan for mitigating odors at its High Acres Landfill.

On March 6, the NYSDEC approved the revised plan, which provides a more detailed and thorough approach to monitoring surface methane and hydrogen sulfide emissions from the landfill. The plan also will provide the community, the Perinton Conservation Board, and the NYSDEC with real- time data needed to evaluate whether these measures are effectively addressing the odor problems.

According to Perinton Supervisor Mike Barker, “our Town Conservation Board determined that Waste Management’s original work plan did not fully encompass the original recommendations made by that Board several weeks ago, and we took immediate steps to rectify the situation.”

For example, one of the Conservation Board’s biggest concerns was the potential for methane gas to escape from areas where the landfill gas collection wells penetrate the landfill cover. At the insistence of the Conservation Board, Waste Management’s revised plan commits to evaluating the cover material at all well penetration locations.

Several other important changes also have been made in the updated plan to require Waste Management to fully respond to the recommendations made by the Town. A detailed description of the updated plan, and a timetable for its execution, may be found at“. The Town of Perinton remains fully committed to working with NYSDEC to see that Waste Management corrects the odor problems at the landfill,” Barker said. “We will keep our residents well informed as the process continues.”