Supervisor’s Update On Canal Clear-Cutting Issue

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Friday, February 2, 2018 - 11:54am

On January 31, I joined the supervisors from Pittsford and Brighton in a meeting with representatives of the Canal Corporation and Power Authority.  Our discussions were focused on reaching an acceptable agreement regarding trees along the Canal path in the three towns.

While much negotiation remains, I can report on several results of this week’s meeting:

•  All parties agreed to extend by another four days all three components of the written agreement in place since January 18. 

• The Towns preserve their legal rights through February 19 and agree not to bring suit before February 5.

• The Canal Corporation and Power Authority will undertake no fieldwork on the Canal before February 12.

• All parties agreed that dead trees and dead undergrowth can be removed. The main remaining issue is how the live trees will be treated.

We will provide updates as our discussions with the two State agencies proceed.

                             Mike Barker

                             Supervisor, Town of Perinton