Residential Sales File

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Over 2,000 valid residential property sales from 1/1/2014 through 11/30/2016 are listed on the following pages. Valid arm's length real estate sales are sales that have been exposed to the open market and have not been affected by undue factors. Estate sales, foreclosure, short or bank sales, relocation sales, family sales or transfers with any other factors affecting the sale price have not been included in this list per NYS Office of Real Property Services.

Analysis of valid arm's length sales is used in the review process to determine the current assessed value (market value) of all residential properties. Properties in the Town of Perinton are reviewed biennially and have been assessed at 100% of current market value since 2002


  Property Class Codes
210 One Family Residence
220 Two Family Residence
230 Three Family Residence
240 Rural Residence with Acreage
  Style Codes
01 Ranch
02 Raised Ranch
03 Split Level
04 Cape Cod
05 Colonial
06 Contemporary
08 Old Style
11 Log Cabin
12 Duplex
13 Bungalow

*Condominium Sales are not used for residential or condominium valuation. See Assessor for additional information

Sales are listed in alphabetical order by street beginning with the Village of Fairport followed by the Town of Perinton (outside of the Village). 

The sales file utilized for the 2017 Roll will include sales from 1/1/2014 through 6/30/2016. Additional sales through November 30, 2016 may be utilized due to comparability in style, size, location, etc.

Per NYS Real Property Tax Law, the valuation date for the 2017 Final Assessment Roll is July 1, 2016.

Files available for viewing or download: 

Town of Perinton
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Village of Fairport
Resident Sales .pdf file
Residential Sales .xlsx file (Microsoft Excel)