Wood Chip Information

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The Town of Perinton has free wood chips and compost available in bulk for Town residents both in the spring and fall of each year.  For FALL, 2017 they are available September 2, 2017 through October 7, 2017 (while supplies last) in the following three locations:

  • Perinton Park on O'Connor Road in the lower parking area
  • Egypt Park in the parking area
  • Rt. 96 Park & Ride in the parking area

Wood chips and compost are made available as part of Perinton's ongoing yard waste recycling program.  All tree, leaf and brush debris collected weekly by Perinton highway crews is ground and chipped for reuse in a cooperative effort with Waste Management at High Acres Landfill.  Making this material available for reuse saves landfill space and provides a valuable commodity for Town of Perinton residents.

Please note: Wood chips and compost made available through this program are intended for Town of Perinton residents only.  Commercial contractors are asked to refrain from removing wood chips from the distribution points.  If anyone witnesses a contractor removing wood chips from one of the sites, please contact the Town of Perinton Highway Department at 223-5115 with a license plate number or company name so we may contact them.