• Recycle America collects recyclable material placed at the curbside in blue bins on a weekly basis at no expense to Town of Perinton residents.
  • Items collected include plastic recyclables #1 through #7, paper, metal cans, glass and cardboard cut in 2 foot by 4 foot lengths and taped or tied in bundles. Call Recycle America for further information at 254-2106.
  • Recycle bins are available at the Perinton Town Hall.  Call 223-0770.


ELECTRONICS RECYCLING - Must be a Perinton Resident (Must show photo ID)

As of May 23, 2011, the Town of Perinton will become an Alliance Partner with Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery (rcr&r) for the purpose of recycling e-waste.  This means that our Department of Public Works facility will become a year round drop off location for electronic equipment. 


You may drop off your unwanted or unused electronics at the Department of Public Works facility located at 100 Cobb's Lane, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm.  No appointment is necessary.  Stop at our main office entrance located right behind the flagpole.  We will assist you in unloading your items.  For more information, please check our website or call our office at 223-5115.


Below is a list of the electronic equipment that will be accepted at our facility.


DVD Players & DVR's


Digital Converter Boxes


Cable or Satellite Receivers

Electronic Mice or Similar Pointing Devices


Fax Machines, scanners, and printers



Small copiers and printers

Portable Digital Music Players

Cell phones