What's New With CED - Construction Season

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The safety of our residents and visitors has always been of the utmost importance to the Town.  The Code Enforcement and Development Department (CED) is in charge of ensuring that our residential and commercial buildings are safe for occupancy.
To that end, the department issues 900 to 1,000 building permits annually and performs 4,000 to 5,000 inspections per year, utilizing two full-time inspectors.  Most of the building permits also require electrical inspections, which third-party electrical inspection agencies have historically performed on behalf of the Town.  But that is changing, because the CED is taking over and executing its own electrical inspections.  It will oversee an estimated 700 to 800 electrical inspections per year, affirming that electrical work related to corresponding building permits is code-compliant.
There are distinct advantages to performing in-house electrical inspections.  The first, and most obvious, is that CED is able to control the quality of inspection and interaction with the customer.  CED inspectors know "the Perinton Way," and are familiar with going above and beyond what is expected in order to provide great customer service to residents and business owners.  
Second, CED is reducing the confusion among residents and business owners that often arises when our people explain to permit holders that they must call a third-party electrical inspection agency to get their building permit's electric-related issues approved.  They must also pay the agencies' inspection fees (which can be in the hundreds of dollars).  Sometimes the permit holders are dumbfounded because, after all, they already paid for a Town of Perinton building permit: "So why do I have to pay someone else?  And who is this person, not directly employed by the Town, coming into my house?"  In-house electrical inspections will eliminate those issues.  Customers will pay only one entity, the Town; and the person doing the inspection will not be a stranger to our operation. 
Overall, the effort will result in the following:
  1. Work being done "the Perinton Way;" 
  2. Flexibility that will create better and more responsive customer service; 
  3. A streamlined process that is completely clear and simple to understand;
  4. The comforting knowledge that electrical work was completed, reviewed and approved under the highest level of scrutiny, which is at the foundation of Perinton CED's mission.